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Business Owners and ISOs

Subprime Business Funding is a marketing arm of The ISO Recruiting Company. In the event you want quick maximum approvals and fundings, there is no faster company capable of higher loans amounts in the merchant cash advance industry.


A Wholesale Funding Company

Subprime Business Funding does not compete with our partners. We offer MCA and ACH products for business owners through our ISOs or that have beenb turned down elsewhere. Subprime Business Funding provides merchant cash advances regardless of the business owner’s credit and we do so “quickly".


Bring on your dead files!

Subprime Business Funding does not care what type of business your client owns or how long their company has been in business. If customers or clients can visit their physical place of business or store front, their company is a candidate for an alternative business loan from Subprime Business Funding. MCA and ACH loans made easy. Give subprime business funding a call today.


Loans up to $1,000,000 In 5 to 7 days

Subprime Business Funding funds business owners via our business loan alternative platform up to $1,000,000. These business loan alternatives take place regardless of the business or the business owners credit. SBF closes 98% of all advances within 5 to 7 days. As we mentioned, with a 98% funding rate. Contact us immediately to receive an offer for your client.


Client need working capital? Business loan Alternatives in 5 to 7 days or less...

Jim Smalls
California Wine Company
As business owners, we didn't know what to do. At witts end, I actually considered killing myself so my wife could have the life insurance money to pay off our debt.

15 years worth of vinyard work down the tubes due to a lack of capital- matters made worse by being told "NO" by 3 community banks and two national banks... And then we were able to procure a Subpime Business Loan through Subprime Business Funding. Thanks so much for coming through man.

Alex Monroe
Volvo Repair Shop
My partner and I have just had it with our business banking relationship, we are done.

We have been in business 7 years and are profitable, yet our bank still will not lend to either of us, or our company... Look, a Subprime Business Loan is not a four lettered word. We had invested so much time and effort in our business, we weren't going to just quit, right? Where would we have been had Subprime Business Funding not come through? Thanks for your help Subprime Business Funding.

Annette Jacobson
Mexican food Genious
We had a great thing going, our 3rd location had just enjoyed it's grand opening. We were poised and ready for growth. Our business had a scalable business model.

We took our business plan to bank after bank and, although profitable, not a single bank would lend us money. We have procured 3 Subprime Business Loans now through you guys. God Bless you Subprime Business Funding for seeing our vision and being by our side.


How it works...

Subprime Business Funding loans against your future business based off of your companys past performance. Our agents request 3 months bank statements and 3 months credit card statements if your business takes credit cards and 6 months bank statements if your business does not take credit cards. Subprime Business Funding then averages out your businesses gross sales and loans up to two times your companies gross monthly sales in one lunp sum. So if your company grosses $50,000.00 average each month as an example, your business is elibible for one of SBFs business loan alternative called a merchant cash advance, (MCA) or an automated clearing house advance, (ACH). Your company doesn't have to be making money, so long at it consitantly continues to have consumers purchase products from your company. Cash flow is king with Subprime Business Funding. The more positive and consistant the cash flow, the larger the advance your company will be eligible for. Subprime Business Fundings standard rule of thumb is that we will advance your company up to 2 times your businesses gross monthly sales...


Subprime Business Loans

The money we have to lend does us no good on the sidelines. If we don't lend your company money, we go out of business. Subprime Business Loans are not for every company, but for those companies that do need a Subprime Business Loan, and you know who you are, Subprime Business Funding is a life saver.

Shouldn't there be a business loan alternative for a small business loan applicant after having been turned down by their bank? Subprime Business Loans are the answer.

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