Subprime Business Funding at a glance...

Subprime Business Funding is the real deal when it comes to business loans and business loan alternatives both local and nationally. These business loans and merchant cash advances are NOT for the faint of heart though. Merchant Cash Advances and subprime business loans or business loan alternatives can be expensive in the event you lack good credit, tax returns and so on. BUT rest assured we are here for you if you want us there. These Merchant Cash Advances and subprime business loans close in 5 to 7 days or sooner and in most cases do not require a personal guarantee... Banks have become known for their stingy small business lending practices- and that's where Subprime Business Funding comes in.
Free checking only goes so far. We don't pretend to lend millions of dollars to each business owner. Our sweet spot is $5000 to $1,000,000 (One Million). These are business loan alternatives or Subprime Business Loans, and rest assured, WE ARE lending money right and left, in 5 to 7 days with a 98% approval on files submitted.

Make no mistake about it, we are funding the nations small business community. Subprime Business Funding lends business owners capital via our subprime business loan and business loan alternative platform. Subprime Business Funding has over 15,000 1099 salesmen and women under contract across the nation. The investors involved in our portfolio are sick and tired of being on the sideliens. They demand their money be put to work- What better way to put that money to work than to back small business owners across America? We are funding the nations small businesses with business loans and business loan alternatives, right and left. Our staff is lean and mean when it comes to results oriented lending and advances. We ARE not only the BEST in the business, BUT the most honest when it comes right down to it. We will NOT lie to you or your customer and TELL them what they want to hear. These business loans, and, merchant cash advances are not palitable for every business owner. And we do NOT apologize for that. These busines loans and advances are hardly secured and risky to do. Thus the reason why these business loans and merchant cash advances are so expensive in many cases. But if you or your clients are looking for working capital quickly and or have been turned down by the bank, these business loan alternatives can be rewarding beyond words. In most cases with the business commnuity we deal with, our partcipants are happier than meadowlarks on a fence post. Since the day we stepped foot in the merchant cash advance and business loan anternative industry, we have felt their is a NICHE for us. We at Subprime Business Funding are proud to offer these business loan alternatives in these lenderless times in America. SUBPRIME BUSINESS FUNDING is a name you can count on when everyone else has said "NO".

Why Choose Us?

It seems like doomsday to our sales staff. All we hear is reports day in and day out about the nations small business owners being turned down by their local banks for their business loans. Subprime Business Loans are what we do, we pick up where the banks leave off. How many times can a business owner be told "NO" regarding their business loans before they put a gun to their businesses head? Our customers are sick of the word NO! Its a 4 lettered word to them!

Banks and 100 ways to say "NO" creatively.

Imagine what life would be like if you had to tell your small business loan applicants "NO" all day like loan officers at bank do? You too would become great at saying NO! At Subprime Business Funding, bad credit is NOT an issue!

Business Loan Alternatives

Subprime Business Funding lends money to over 98% of our business loan alternative applicants. Banks have pulled back and are not lending small business owners money. That is where we come in. Subprime Business Funding offers subprime business loans via our creative finance options to business owners throughout all 50 states and provides business owners working capital at a feverish pace...


“Our Boulder Colorado pizza parlor had been in my family 29 years-

Our past bankruptcy rendered us unable to get bank financing- Subprime Business Funding procured $230,000 in 13 days...
George Johnson
Boulder Colorado Pizza Parlor

Our Work Team